What is Power Factor?

Why should we improve Power Factor?

How do you improve Power Factor?

How Demand billing works.

Effects of voltage unbalance on motor performance

Guidelines for motor surge protection

Line/Load reactor applications

Harmonic Distortion & Power Factor Correction

Power Quality - Investigating, Testing and Measurements

Why Finance Your Power Factor Correction Banks

Seven Reasons Your Should Finance Your Cos Phi Equipment


Case Studies & Downloads

Reducing Product Defects - A Case for Power Quality (PDF)

Case Study - Pump Jacks (PDF)New Article

Case Study - Commercial Printing (PDF) 

Preventative Maintenance (cut sheet)

Delta Vs Wye Connected Capacitors

Suggested Capacitor Ratings for Motors

Power Factor Multiplier Chart - use this chart to determine the amount of kVAR required to reach a desired Power Factor.

Power Factor Correction Capacitors Specification Sheets

Site Information Questionnaire - PDF Version - MS Word


Published Articles & Presentations

Savvy Power Factor Correction Yields Savings - Electrrical Business 2017

A Word of Caution (Single-Conductor Cables Can Act As Harmonic Distortion From Non-Linear Loads) - Electrical Business Vol. XXXII, No. 2, February 1997

What You Don't Know May Hurt You ("start logging your problems", advises this specialist) - Electrical Business Vol XXX, No 9. September, 1994

Power Quality and the Office Building - Energy manager magazine, March 1997

Power Quality - Presentation for Energy Management Conference, October 2007

Get The Measure of Your Enemy (if you have harmonics you should be able to measure it) - Electrical Business Magazine