De-tuning Reactors (Filters/Chokes)

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From left to right: 600V 60kVAR, 40kVAR, & 20kVAR


The primary purpose of de-tuning reactors in a capacitor bank, is to prevent a phenomenon in the electrical system known as harmonic resonance. Resonance can have a devastating effect on electrical equipment, and is the main reason why older capacitor banks fail and cause problems in a facility's power distribution system.

There was once a time when very few Cos Phi capacitor banks had de-tuning reactors, and a power quality study would be performed to determine if they were necessary. Nowadays with the rise in use of devices with switch-mode power supplies, almost all Cos Phi capacitor banks come with de-tuning reactors, and a power quality study must be performed to prove that they are not necessary.


  • Air gap between windings allows for better cooling. With proper enclosure cooling, no thermocouple is needed. Temperature sensors available upon request.
  • Copper windings
  • 7% impedance (Z), 14%Z available upon request

Data sheets and stock parts list coming soon!




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