Auto-switching Power Factor Correction Banks



  • Branch Panels
  • Service Entrance
  • Large variable speed drives
  • Elevators & hoists

Standard Ratings

  • 100kVAR-1200kVAR (custom sizes available)
  • 208V, 480V, 600V
  • 3-phase
  • 60Hz
  • De-rated capacitors
  • De-tuned (choked/filtered)

Capacitor Cells

  • 200,000- hour rated life
  • 3-phase delta connected
  • MKP, (metallized PP film, dry inert biodegradable gas N2)
  • Low loss - 0.2 W per kVAR
  • Internal over-pressure disconnect
  • Touch safe terminals
  • Discharge resistors


  • NEMA 12 style for indoor use
  • Wall-mounted or free-standing with hinged door and lockable door handle

DCRG8 Smart Controller & Multimeter

  • Backlight graphic 128 x 80 pixel LCD with text in 10 languages
  • Automatic sensing of CT current flow
  • Connection to a single and three phase lines, three phase lines with neutral and co-generation systems with 4 quadrant operation
  • Reduction of the number of switching operations
  • Capability to correctly operate in systems having high harmonic content
  • Extreme reduction in the number of switching operations
  • Balanced use of steps with the same power rating
  • Reactive power measurement per installed step
  • Recording of the number of connections per step
  • Capacitor over-current protection on all three phases
  • Enclosure over-temperature protection by internal sensor
  • Accurate no-voltage release protection function
  • Current and voltage harmonic analysis (THD and spectrum)
  • Current and voltage wave form
  • Event history log
  • Programmable alarms

Additional Controller Functionality Options

  • USB and Wi-Fi communication interface for personal computer, smartphone and table connection
  • Modbus-RTU, TCP and ASCII communications protocols
  • Set-up and remote control software
  • SMS sending for alarm conditions with EXP1015 expansion module
  • ... see PF Controller Data Sheet for full details

Auto-switching Power Factor Correction Banks

  • All units are ESA approved
  • 3 yr Warranty (extendable)
  • Manual & technical drawings included

Optional Add-ons

  • Built-in Circuit breaker
  • Outdoor NEMA 3R style enclosure
  • Type 1 Surge Protection device
  • Turnkey installation
  • Financing
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Extra warranty - extendable to 5 years with purhcase of a 5-year PM contract at the time of purchase
  • Power & Energy recording module
  • Ethernet networking module
  • Cos Phi hosted online power & energy monitoring program (Lovato Synergy)
  • Fuse indication lights
  • Error indication lamp
  • ...Our panel shop can add any other features you may request


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Static Power Factor Correction Banks

Static Power Factor Correction (article)


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